12245/46 Howrah-Yesvantpur Duronto Express to run with LHB Coaches

The 12245/46 Howrah – Yesvantpur Duronto Express is a Superfast Express train of the Duronto Express Category belonging to Indian Railways – South Eastern Railway zone that runs between Howrah Junction in Kolkata, West Bengal and Yesvantpur Junction in Bangalore, Karnataka.

It operates as train number 12245 from Howrah Junction to Yesvantpur Junction and as train number 12246 in the reverse direction serving the states of Karnataka, Andhra pradesh, Odisha & West Bengal. It will run with Modern LHB Coaches from 13th March, 2020.

The 12245/Howrah – Yesvantpur Duronto Express covers the distance of 1954 kilometres in 29 hours 10 mins (67 km/hr) & in 29 hours 45 mins as 12246/Yesvantpur – Howrah Duronto Express (66 km/hr).

As the average speed of the train is above 55 km/h (34 mph), as per Indian Railway rules, its fare includes a Superfast surcharge. The train 12245/46 Howrah – Yesvantpur Duronto Express has stops at Bhubaneswar, Vizianagaram, Vijayawada and Renigunta.

As the route is fully electrified, it is powered by a Santragachi based WAP 7 or WAP 4 or Tatanagar based WAP 7 for its entire journey.

12245/Howrah – Yesvantpur Duronto Express leaves Howrah Junction at 10:50 AM every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday and reaches Yesvantpur Junction the next day at 16:00 PM.

12246/Yesvantpur – Howrah Duronto Express leaves Yesvantpur Junction at 11:00 AM every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday and reaches Howrah Junction the next day at 16:45 PM.

The 12245/46 Howrah – Yesvantpur Duronto Express presently has 1 AC First Class, 1 AC 2 Tier, 4 AC 3 Tier, 11 Sleeper Class and 2 SLR (Seating cum Luggage Rake) coaches. In addition, it carries a Pantry Car Coach.

To provide secure and comfortable journey to the passengers, it has been decided to run all three rakes of 12245/12246 Howrah-Yesvantpur-Howrah Duronto Express with most sophisticated and Modern LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) Coaches instead of existing conventional coaches w.e.f. 13.03.2020 from Howrah. The revised composition of Howrah-Yesvantpur-Howrah Duronto Express is 1 First AC, 1 Second AC, 5 Third AC and 11 Sleeper Class Coaches and 2 Generator Car. Along with the introduction of LHB Coaches, passengers would get improved amenities with more comfort during journey. The features of LHB Coaches is listed below.

Fire Extinguisher in all Coaches.

Fire detection and suppression system in all AC coaches.

Modular Wash Basin outside and inside the lavatory with automatic Bib Cock, which will save water.
Air Suspension System in coaches for riding comfort in place of coil spring.

Modern equipment for application of automatic brake in case of failure in air suspension brake system.

Improvised Bio Toilet with water pressure system.

Accommodation will increase substantially. There will be an increase of 72 berths in AC 3 Tier and 22 berths in Sleeper Class Coaches.

South Eastern Railway is committed to provide safety and security of the passengers with its improved passenger facilities and amenities.


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