240 Crore will be Spent on Gwalior Railway Station to Provide World Class Facilities

World class facilities will be provided under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model at four Railway Stations of Indian Railways including Gwalior. Its approval has been given in the meeting of the Central Government Public Private Partnership Appraisal Committee (PPPAC) in New Delhi.  These stations include Amritsar, Sabarmati, Nagpur and Gwalior. 1037 crore rupees will be spent on this project. In this, facilities will be provided along the lines of the Airport by spending 240 crores at Gwalior Railway Station. Railways is going to upload the tender notice for this on 23 December. In the project, the heritage building of Gwalior Station has taken special attention.

As part of the re-development, both the blocks built around Scindia State will be demolished but the heritage look will be not changed during the construction work. Along with this, all platforms will be fully covered like Airport. Here, natural lighting will come during the day, high quality lights will be installed for better lighting at night.

The green building project will be adopted in the re-development work of station. Those arriving at the station will not feel cold during winter and hot during summer days. For this, a gap will be placed between the walls of the buildings.

First Phase: The company will break the railway housing and create a lobby for commuters at the station. Office at Platform No.1 will be shifted.

Second Phase: Multi label parking towards Platform No.1, staff accommodation will be formed. Pickup and drop up points will be made for passengers.

To provide world class facilities at Gwalior, Amritsar, Sabarmati and Nagpur stations, will work on PPP model. The committee has given approval for this project. Tenders notice will be uploaded on 23 December. Any company who will be selected. They will do complete work – RD Vajpayee, Executive Director Railways


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