European Union Implemented New Law, Electronic Products will Become more Environment Friendly and Durable

The European Union has implemented the Right to Repair rule regarding electronic products. Under this rule, all manufacturing companies will have to manufacture durable and environment friendly electronic products from the year 2021. Along with this, customers will get 10 years of repairing on the purchase of products. Apart from this, companies will also have to bring the necessary spare parts in the market. At the same time, this rule will applied on products like washing machine, refrigerator, and dish washer.

There was a long running campaign in Europe over the regulations of Right to Repair. This campaign was started by customers who bought expensive products.
Also, they had to face problems related to the malfunction of the products. Sometimes it happens that even similar spare parts are not available in the market. Apart from this, poisonous gas and rays emanating from these products also cause damage to the environment. Because of this, there was a campaign to implement the Right to Repair Law in America.

After electronic products get defected, they turn into e-junk, which is difficult to recycle. Now due to the strictness in the rule, the arbitrariness of tech companies will be reduced. At the same time, before this rule came into action, the European Union also expressed sympathy for the technology companies.

For a long time there has been downgrade in the quality of electronic manufacturers. According to reports, from 2004 to 2012 there was a sharp decrease in the quality of home appliances. The machines worked continuously in 2004, but after the end of the guarantee period, 3.5% machine got defected. At the same time, this figure increased to 83% in 2012.


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