Facebook on Friday Said, Soon Number of Likes Received on post will be History

Facebook, the platform of social media networking from which distance does not go right, Facebook is, a virtual base where one does not agree to live without attendance. These days not only youth, even aged, women and student too have facebook account. People of all ages have created account on Facebook.

Whether you have to post something, or upload a photo or share a video, Facebook is the right place. Situation is that every 10th person in the country is active on Facebook. Out of all the Facebook users in the world, every 13th user belongs to India. But Facebook made a proposal that users of India were surprised and shocked.

Actually, Facebook does not propose to show Likes publicly. Understand this, in such way that if you post something, then you will be able to see the Likes on your post. But other people will not be able to know how many Likes you received on your post.

Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčexpert says that it is not Likes are going to be completely extinct. When you post something, you will get the complete data of Likes and, how many reactions came. But those who are normal users will not be able to know anything.

Facebook users are saying that this is not fair, that we post something and the world could not know how many likes on that post. Many Facebook users post photos and video, that they receive more and more likes and world can know how valuable post is that? Now when Facebook will publicly stop how many Likes are received, then users will not interested in posting something on Facebook.

Facebook is just testing to hide the countings of the Likes. After successful testing it will be decided when to apply. Although such thing has been started in Australia and now it is probably the turn of India.


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