Fight Against Coronavirus: Trains, Platforms and Stations being sanitized

In view of the spread of novel Coronavirus, East Central Railway has launched a special initiative. East Central Railway has started sanitizing all trains, platforms and stations.

In this regard, Rajesh Kumar, Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of East Central Railway, issued a Press Release on Thursday, stating that all the railway stations of ECR are in lockdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus. In the meantime, the process of sanitizing the trains, platforms and station premises from infection is being done at war footing. Personal Protective Equipment and Spare cum Sanitizer Equipment have been provided to all frontline staff.

The Railways have suspended the operation of passenger trains till 14 April in view of the widespread health interests of passengers, with a view to preventing the growth infection of the Coronavirus. During this time, there is a ban on entering railway station. Apart from this, the supply of essential goods continues, for this the railway personnel are working 24 hours for the smooth running of goods trains.

Booking of all types of tickets has been suspended for the journey period up to 12:00 PM on 14 April. This will include reserved and unreserved tickets received both over the counter and online.


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