First Time 6 sets of Country’s most Powerful Locomotive rolled out from Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura

The WAG-12 country’s most powerful locomotive, manufactured in Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura jointly under the Make in India initiative by Indian Railways and Alstom France is capable of pulling up to 6000 tonnes of freight trains with a power output of 12000 horsepower. Earlier in November, RSDO Lucknow conducted trial and testing of high speed freight locomotive in Saharanpur, Kota and other routes.

After trial and testing under the supervision of experts for about two months, the Commission of Railway Safety and the Railway Board have given approval for operations of this locomotive. On Wednesday, 6 sets of locomotives rolled out for the first time from ELF, Madhepura.

This new powerful electric locomotive is going to be a game changer for the movement of freight trains by the Indian Railways. It will be used to haul freight trains weighing more than 6,000 tonnes at speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph), essentially doubling the average speed of freight trains in the sector. The locomotive will be used in the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) for fast movement of freight trains, especially coal and iron ore.

The locomotive is considered a game changer for movement of coal trains in the DFC of the Indian Railways. This project will allow for faster and safer movement of heavy cargo trains. The new locomotive will not only reduce operating costs for railways, but will also reduce congestion encountered.


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