Good News: 3 New Platforms will be built at Gonda Junction । Indian Railways

If all goes well, trains coming soon at Gonda Junction of Northeast Railway will not have towait at Outer of Subhagpur and Gonda Kacheri Railway Station. 2 new platforms will be built on the old Goods Warehouse of the railway, as well as another platform will be built ahead of the Bahraich platform. In this way, Gonda Junction will get 3 new platforms, so that the passengers will not have to stay on the outer after reaching Gonda. The work of the second phase has been started under the action plan. There will be connectivity of lines and platforms will be built in the third phase.

Due to the construction of Platform Number 7 and 8 Near Warehouse, the MEMU and DEMU trains going towards Bahraich will be operated from these platforms. The construction of these three platforms will cost about Rs. 20 crores. There are 46 passenger trains operating daily from the Railway Platform Gonda Junction. In such a situation, due to lack of platforms, most trains have to stop on the outer.

Due to which, after reaching Gonda, most Superfast trains are delayed for 40 to 45 minutes. Currently, trains are being operated in some way on the basis of only three platforms. Recently, two major platforms of Gonda Junction were built. Due to its connectivity with the main line, only the trains of Balrampur and Bahraich are operated from this platform. It is being told that the work of the third phase will be started immediately after the completion of the connectivity work in the second phase. By 2021, in every case, the railway department has to complete all these tasks.  A lot of work has been done in Gonda district, including Phase 2 and Phase 3.


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