Government to Introduce Digital ID Card in India, will replace Aadhaar, Driving Licence and Pan Card

Like every Indian, you too will have many cards including Aadhaar card, PAN card (PAN), driving license (DL). An Indian roams around half a dozen cards in his pocket for his different needs. But, soon only one card will do all work. You will not need to keep separate documents. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has recently indicated that there is a plan to arrange a single card in the entire country.

Important documents like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Gas Connection, Ration Card are required to be kept by an Indian citizen. Not only this, there are also separate cards for the government scheme. In these, MNREGA Job card, Kisan Credit Card, BPL card are also required. Many work can get stuck without them.

The government’s plan is to replace all these cards with one card. Let’s understand this in easy language, then you get all the benefits from a single card. However, some guidelines will be set for this. However, only one card will need to be kept as an identity card. Even after that all other cards will be fully valid. There would be no need to keep a dozen cards. The idea is to bring all the cards on one platform through the National Population Register.

There is same system in foreign countries. However, an electronic database has to be prepared for this. At the moment, a hint has been received as to what kind of planning the government is doing. Only one card runs in 60 countries around the world for driving license, bank account, health card and identification. The specialty of this card is that it has an electronic chip, which is attached to the database. It provides all the information about the cardholder.

Like India, other countries are aslo adopting it. In this, China has started digital ID card for all citizens above the age of 16 last year. In this, everything is recorded in the person’s date of birth, caste, gender, religion and identity number etc. At the same time, in Europe, in April this year, a new law was approved for an ID card. After this, there will be only one ID card in the whole of Europe. There are currently over 250 cards in use in Europe. The card will be implemented from April 2020. It will be connected with the finger print system. Apart from this, countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria and Cameroon have also launched national ID cards.


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