Health Checkup Machine will be installed at Tatanagar Railway Station

If you want to know your fitness while traveling by train, then you no need to go hospital. You will know how fit you are, after checking on the machine installed at the Railway Station. This facility will be soon installed at Tatanagar Station for passengers. Most of the stations of A-1 category in South Eastern Railway will soon have health checkup machine. This initiative has been started from Sealdah Station, within a month this machine will be installed at Tatanagar Station. The site has been also selected by the Commerce Department to install the Machine. According to Commerce Department Officials, the machine will be installed in the Concor Area near Entry Gate at Tatanagar Station, so that maximum passengers can use the machine. The installation of the machine will be completed as soon as the order is received from the Railway headquarters.

PC-Shashank Shekhar Swain

To check how fit you are, you have to spend fifty rupees from your pocket. After few minutes standing on the machine, a slip will come out which will give complete information regarding your health.

Health Check Machine will tell Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pulse and many other information in few seconds. According to report, travelers will be able to get better treatment. This will benefit the passengers and the Railways will also get revenue.


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