Indian Railways 3 benches made of Recycled Plastic have been Installed at Churchgate Station

This year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges country people from the Red Fort to stop using single use plastic. After which it was seen that plastic was banned everywhere in the country and people also stopped using plastic.

Churchgate is an important station on the WR’s suburban network in the metropolis. These benches are outcome of a plastic bottle collection drive held in association with a private company, the official said.

At the same time, Indian Railways has also joined the government step for environmental conservation. Indian Railways has taken another new initiative. Railways have installed three benches made of recycled plastic at Churchgate station of Western Railway.

Being made of plastic, these benches are quite strong, as well as weighed. Railways said that this will help protect the environment from contamination.

Nearly 1100 water vending machines have been installed at 345 stations for providing pure drinking water to travelling passengers. Reserved and unreserved ticket booking facility through mobile phones have been made available for passengers and provision of Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) have been made available at railway stations for dispensation of tickets.


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