Indian Railways General Coach Passengers will be Identified by Biometric System

Now with the help of Biometric Technology, the passengers who is traveling in general coach of Indian Railways will be verified. Indian Railways has started this facility at Ahmedabad Railway Station. Because of this biometric service, crimes can be stopped in the train. After the new service is turned on, the passengers will have to take biometric token before traveling in General Coach.

Passengers will get this token through a biometric machine installed at station. Passengers will be able to sit in General coach only after the token is issued. Due to which the chaos for the seat in the train will be also stopped. Apart from this, passengers can be identified at the time of any major accident. This new identification system will be introduced in the next phase at Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus.

In biometric identification tokens, facial recognition and fingerprint of passengers can be taken through this machine. Railways have used Aadhaar based technology for this. Aadhaar card, users are identified by their biometric details. Similarly, passengers will be identified through this biometric machine.

This machine is also equipped with CCTV Camera, which will click the picture of the passengers. Only after taking the biometric token, the passengers will be able to sit in the General coach of any train. For this, the Railway Protection Force will be deployed on the gate of the General coach and will give the passengers permission to onboard in the train only after checking the token.

The biometric system has become the most important technology to identify people. These biometric machines which will be installed on the railway station will work with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Because of this biometric details passengers will not able to give their wrong identity or can’t hide their identities.

Through this system, the valid passenger will be identified and the entry of anti-elements will be stopped. Every passengers traveling in the Reserved Coach had to keep their identity card, but the passengers of General coach can travel without any identity cards in this case, these new technology systems will be able to identify the right passengers. Not only this, in the time of the accident, it will help in identifying passengers.


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