IRCTC to provide free Insurance in Tejas Express up to 1 Lakh for House Theft

During the journey in the train, one of your major concerns often remains that your house does not get looted, but now the unique initiative of Indian Railways is going to remove this concern. If you are traveling in a train and if theft is done at home, then IRCTC will give you Insurance of up to 1 Lakh rupees.

If you are worried about theft in your house while traveling in train, then now travel tension free, because if your house is looted while you are traveling in train, IRCTC will give compensation. This scheme is very strange to hear, but it is absolutely correct. For this, no fees or charges will be taken from the passengers.

IRCTC will give you insurance of up to Rs 1 lakh if ‚Äč‚Äčthere is theft at home during the journey in IRCTC operated train.
You don’t need to pay any premium charges for this insurance cover. This facility is currently only for Lucknow – New Delhi Tejas Express passengers. If there is theft done at home, then you just have to register an FIR and IRCTC will give you the insurance amount after being found correct in the investigation. IRCTC has tied up with Liberty General Insurance Company Limited. In future, IRCTC is also planning to provide similar facilities in its upcoming private operated train. In January 2020, IRCTC is going to run the next Tejas train on Mumbai – Ahmedabad route.

This unique initiative of the Railways has been implemented for the Tejas Express train at present, but even the passengers of the Tejas Express themselves do not have much information about this assured insurance scheme of the IRCTC. Although there is no Insurance for luggage that which you carry while traveling in the Tejas Express, but since the Tejas Express train between New Delhi – Lucknow is very special on the scale from passenger amenities to safety, IRCTC claims, it is almost impossible to do theft in the train. 

According to IRCTC, since the Tejas Express train has automatic doors, it is less likely for an unknown person to climb. Along with this, private security guards are also deployed in train. CCTV cameras are also equipped in trains. The Lucknow – New Delhi IRCTC Special Tejas Express train is the first Private train of the country.


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