Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop to manufacture sanitizers, masks, ventilators and medical equipment

Indian Railways issued orders to many factories in the country to prepare sanitizers and medical equipment. Under this, Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop, Eastern Railway has also started to manufacture sanitizers, masks and ventilators. Apart from this, 10 types of necessary medical equipment will be also prepared. However, this has not been officially confirmed by the local authorities.

At the same time, CPRO of Eastern Railway, Kolkata NK Chakraborty neither picked up the phone call nor answered on WhatsApp. But other trusted sources have confirmed this. In view of the shortage of sanitizer in the country, the Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop Administration has prepared a ventilator in the lab of the factory, besides about 500 litres of sanitizer. After testing, first demonstration have to be done for medical approval.

Workshop administration has already started to prepare sanitary water taps, beds, door spots, sanitizers, masks, hand gloves etc. including ventilators. The name of Indian Railways has been elevated by preparing sanitizer at low cost in Andal, while the Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop has also created a new history by preparing a ventilator for just 10 thousand, while a ventilator costs 1 to 5 lakh rupees.


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