Katihar – New Jalpaiguri Tracks ready to run trains with Electric Engines

If all goes well, Rail Service will start soon with Electric Locomotives on Katihar -New Jalpaiguri Section. SK Pathak, Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety, Indian Railways inspected on Tuesday after a successful trial run with electric locos from Gunjaria Station to New Jalpaiguri last month under Katihar Division of Northeast Frontier Railway.

It was said that he went to Gunjaria from New Jalpaiguri at 9:00 AM and returned with electric loco from Gunjaria at 08:15 PM and reached New Jalpaiguri at 09:20 PM. During this, trials were conducted on the UP and Down lines. It was told that the trial was fully successful during his inspection. It was told that if he is satisfied with this inspection, then he will give a Safety Certification to start the train service with Electric Locomotive. After this, Train Service can be started with Electric Locomotives.

A tweet made by Central Organisation for Railway Electrification states that, First electric loco hauled goods train from Katihar to New Jalpaiguri started from Katihar at 23.00 hrs on 24.12.19, passed Gunjaria at 04.01 hrs and arrived NJP at 8.08 hrs on 25.12.19 without any trouble.


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