Modi Government Master Stroke, LED bulbs saving electricity worth Rs 3,300 crores every year

There are 1 crore such poles in the country, which have been replaced with smart LEDs instead of the old tubelight. Now about 3300 crore rupees of electricity will be saved every year through these poles, it is said by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). In 2015, the Modi government started the plan to put smart LEDs on electric poles on the roadside.

There are total 1.34 crore street lights in the country, the target was to replace them and 1 crore street lights have been replaced so far. Now these LED lights are scattered on 2.7 lakh kilometers of road. It is estimated that these smart street lights will save 6.71 billion kWh of electricity every year and will stop the formation of 46 lakh tons of carbon dioxide.

Out of the 1500 selected cities, 900 LED bulbs have been installed and the remaining 600 are soon to be installed. Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of 28.9 lakh LED street lights. 10.3 lakhs have been installed in Rajasthan and 9.3 lakhs in UP. EESL monitors these poles. Wherever these street lights are installed, EESL has received a report from the local authority that these LED street lights are saving electricity by 50% compared to earlier.


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