Railway passengers to get 16 types of Medical Test Reports for 50 Rupees in Just 10 minutes

Indian Railways has started a new service for million of passengers. Now at Railway Stations, people will be able to get 16 types of fitness related test reports for just 50 rupees. For this, the Railways has installed a Health ATM Kiosk at Lucknow Junction.  Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav has inaugurated Health ATM Kiosk at Lucknow railway station. Through Health ATM Kiosk, passengers can check 16 health related parameters by paying only 50 rupees. The Railways has taken the initiative to check the health of passengers and employees. Passengers will be able to take benefit of these machines at ‘A’ Grade Railway Stations of the country.

Passengers will be charged 50 rupees, while employees will get the report for just 10 rupees in just 10 minutes, passengers can take benefit as Health checkup machines being installed at all the major stations for fitness checkup, people will not even have to wait for the report after checking. The report will be given in just 10 minutes. Test report will be sent to the passenger email who cannot wait for 10 minutes. More than 12 lakh railway personnel and millon of passengers will be able to take advantage of this initiative of the railway.

Health checking machines are being installed on ‘A’ grade railway stations to check fitness. The company says that soon they will install diabetes checking machine on these health check booths. Although it charges well be separately. By this initiative of Railways, people will able to check reports of Bone Test, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Metabolic Age, Fat, Hydration, Body Temperature. The company operating the machine, said that the passengers will not have to provide blood samples for any tests.


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