Robotics Technology will be used to clean the roofs of AC coaches

Due to lack of pure air during the Journey in AC coaches of train, many passengers have to face problems related to breathing and health. That is because it is not possible for a person to clean the inside of AC roofs. In such a situation, with the help of robots, the railway will now purify the air with cleaning.

In Jodhpur Workshop, in upcoming two years, the roofs of about 4800 coaches will be cleaned with robotics system, on which about 28 lakh rupees will be spent. The Western Railway first started using it. After that, it was started in many zones, now it will be used in coaches coming for repair and maintenance in Jodhpur Workshop of North Western Railway.

Robotic devices are equipped with high-tech, high-capacity cameras, brushes and other resources. They perform inspection, survey, cleaning, scrubbing, dust collection inside ducting. If the camera robot shows the hidden contaminated area, germs and bacteria can also be cleaned through spray.


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