Saharsa-Bhagalpur DEMU Train extended up to Sahibganj, timetable changed

In view for convenience of passengers, the Railway has extended the DEMU train running between Saharsa-Bhagalpur up to Sahibganj. From March 7 to July 25, the DEMU train will go to Sahibganj. Along with this, the timing of the train between Saharsa to Bhagalpur has been changed. This train leave Saharsa at 7:40 AM, Khagaria at 8:55 AM, Munger at 10:00 AM, Sultanganj at 10:58 AM and Bhagalpur at 11:40 AM. From Bhagalpur, the train will leave for Sahibganj at 12:00 PM, Sabour at 12:10 PM, Kahalgaon at 12:49 PM, Sahibganj at 14:20 PM.

The train will depart from Sahibganj at 14:50 AM, will reach Bhagalpur via Mirza Cheuki, Pirpainti, Kahalgaon at 15:32 PM, Ghogha at 15:50 PM, Sabour at 16:09 PM and Bhagalpur at 16:25 PM. The train will depart from Bhagalpur at 16:30 PM for Saharsa and will reach Saharsa at 21:00 PM via Sultanganj, Munger, Khagaria, Mansi. This train will reach Khagaria at 18:18 PM, after which, it will take almost 3 hours to reach Saharsa, which needs to be improved and changed.

This train will stop at Sabour, Ghogha, Kahalgaon, Pirpainti, Mirza Cheuki.

05501/Bhagalpur – Saharsa DEMU Special

05502/Saharsa-Bhagalpur DEMU Special

05503/Sahibganj – Bhagalpur DEMU Special

05504/Bhagalpur – Sahibganj DEMU Special


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