Seminar on Prevention of Coronavirus Disease at Central Hospital, South East Central Railway

On 03 March 2020 at Central Hospital, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur conducted several public awareness activities for prevention from Coronavirus infection. In order to protect themselves, family members and society, educative materials were displayed at prominent places like Railway Station, GM Office, DRM Office, Construction Office, Railway Hospital Complex and Railway Colonies. A vehicle with loud speakers is being run in the railway colonies of Bilaspur with frequent announcements stating common measures to prevent from Coronavirus. Awareness campaign has been carried out through banners and posters at all important Railway Stations of South East Central Railway. It also has a poster displayed with all the information related to Coronavirus.

In this series, a seminar for all the doctors of Central Hospital, Bilaspur Division was organized on 05 March 2020 in the Central Hospital Seminar Hall on novel corona virus infection and its global scenario. Dr. C.K Das, CMS/Admin and Physician cum Cardiologist explained the terrible disease in detail and presented the subject with updated information. PCMD/SECR Dr. J.P Upadhyaya, MD/CH Dr. B Chakraborty, CMS/Bilaspur Dr. G.K Chakraborty, Dy CMD/SECR Dr. B. Pradhan and all doctors of the Central Hospital participated in this seminar.

A separate ward in the Central Hospital is well kept and ready for any such emergency. But now there is no such situation as fear. This virus-borne disease is spreading from China. Generally, it is like a cold, cold, fever and cough. But due to lack of prevention, it can take the form of death. It is important to avoid this disease because there is no proper treatment.

In seminar at South East Central Railway headquarters, all the officers and employees of the zone were informed about the Coronavirus and the preventive measures were given.


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