Smartphone Maker Companies to Share Unique Code with Government

The Department of Telecommunications has directed the country’s major smartphone maker company to share the unique code means identification number of the phone with the Indian government in upcoming two months. At the same time, the chief officer of the department has said about the unique code that we want to keep people’s data safe with this step. Also, smartphone maker companies also agree with this decision of the department.

The unique code of the smartphone is of 15 digits. This code is also called International Mobile Equipment Identity. At the same time, GSMA decides the unique code of every phone. Let us tell you that the Modi government recently introduced the government web portal. People can easily find stolen or lost phones with the help of this portal.

The Department of Telecommunications will monitor every activity of the phone through the unique code of the phone. If the wrong thing is done by the phone, the department can immediately block and trace the device. At present, the department currently has information about most smartphone users.

Let us tell you that the Department of Telecommunications has been working on the CEIR Identity Register for a long time. Along with this, the department has also asked tech companies to participate in it. At the same time, unique code is created through programming.


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