Soap Scam in Jabalpur Division, date expired soap distributed to railway employees

A Big Soap Scam has come to light in Jabalpur Division of West Central Railway. Here, many employees got infection and itching after using the soap distributed to the employees of the Carriage and Wagon (C&W) department to use while on duty, when people seen the expiry date written on the soap were surprised, because the soap had already expired in December 2018.

As soon as the information was known, to officials and employees of the West Central Railway Employees Union protested and held siege to the concerned officials. The union alleged that the officers have purchased a large number of expired soaps in the wake of the commissioning, action should be taken against such corrupt officers.

It is said that in the past days, soaps were distributed to employees of the Carriage & Wagon department to wash hands, many employees used soap which caused them to have itching and allergy, when people checked and found out that many soap using period have passed out to quality, soap distributed to employees were already expired.

Taking cognizance of this, on Tuesday 03 March, the WCREU Main Branch surrounded ADME Vijay Singh and SSE(G) Eric Minj and demonstrated protest by placing expiry soap in front of them. Seeing the anger of the employees, ADME Vijay Singh immediately instructed to give good quality soap and change the expired soap and assured that such mistake will not be repeated by the store. The protest was mainly attended by a large number of employees including WCREU Main Branch Secretary Ramesh Mishra, Chairman Jarnail Singh, Sheshapal Meena, Ravi Gautam, Satish, Ramesh, Kamlesh, Jeetendra, Tara Singh, Nishant.


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