Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Account hacked, hackers posted many offensive Tweets

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey account was hacked on Friday. However, after sometime it was recovered. After hacking account, hackers also posted many offensive Tweets. The rumor of bomb was also brought in the office. After the incident, the statement was given that we know Jack Dorsey account has been hacked and we are investigating it. In the release statement, it was also said that after the investigation, we can be say anything about the hackers. It is being detected that from which country hackers belongs.

Hackers not only hacked Jack account and posted offensive tweet, they also posted, racial comments. Many tweet posted to Praise Hitler. After twitter CEO account hacked, many users questioned that if CEO account is not safe, then how our account will be safe? The users also questioned that why two-step verification did not keep the account of CEO safe.

In the official statement from twitter after 30 minutes of hacking was told that the control of Dorsey account has come to them again. Also on their behalf, they also said that they did not see any disturbances on his platform. A spokesperson of Twitter was told that the rumor of bomb was also examined. The thing that bomb was inherently rounded a rumor.

In the statement issued by Twitter, said that the problem in Dorsey account was not due to the districts of the platform, there was telecom company fault. The information was given that contact number which was linked with Jack account, there was problem in that network provider security. In such a situation, it’s easy for hackers to tweet from victim account through message.

According to a BBC Twitter source, the hacker has used SIM swapping to hack Jack Dorsey account. Through SIM swapping, hackers got OTP on mobile number and hacked account.


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