WhatsApp Messenger gets Option to share status updates on Facebook Stories and Other Apps

Whatsapp Status Updates: It seems that Facebook Instant Messaging App WhatsApp has started to roll out the Status Update to Facebook Story feature for users. Before testing of this feature was being, that’s why this feature was not visible in the app to the user, but now WhatsApp Status to Facebook stories have been released for users. Many users has spotted this new feature in the latest version released for Android and iPhone.

After updating, you can see the Share to Facebook Story button under the Status tab, to easily share your status update on Facebook Stories. Now WhatsApp users will be able to easily share status updates on Facebook Story. As soon as you create status on WhatsApp, you will see the Share to Facebook Story button under the status tab.

In a statement, a WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed the new rollout, as well as assured that account information would not be shared through the new feature. WhatsApp spokesperson said that if you share your status update, the content of your status update will be shared with other apps but it will not be protected with end-to-end encryption. While sharing the status update, WhatsApp will not share your account information with Facebook or any other apps.

Many users have given this information on Twitter after spotting this new feature on WhatsApp. Users has spotted this new feature in Android version 2.19.258 of WhatsApp and iPhone version 2.19.92. Both latest versions can be downloaded through the respective App Store.

In addition to the WhatsApp Status Update To Facebook Stories feature, a share button has also been provided in the latest WhatsApp version, with the help of this button, you can share updates on other apps as well. WhatsApp has also updated its FAQ’s section.


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